Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), a leading bank in the UAE, has opened its first uBank – a digital banking centre in Abu Dhabi’s, Yas Mall.

The digital banking centre aims to deliver a transition from conventional banking channels to a paperless digital experience using biometric authentication, a digital signature system and video assistance from a Virtual Relationship Officer.

Customers can use the centre to open a bank account and receive a debit card, credit card and cheque leaves on the spot, with existing ADCB Customers able to obtain instant replacements for lost credit or debit cards.

ADCB developed a new banking format, "Digital Financial Center"(DFC), an integrated platform that implements their brand loyalty programme called Touchpoints, which rewards Customers every time they benefit from banking services.

The revolutionary Customer experience was created by Milan headquartered Fullsix PLC in conjunction with their Abu Dhabi joint venture company YAS Digital Media FZ LLC Yas Digital Media (a leading digital transformation agency). The solution provides a bank that promotes and welcomes Customers, reducing physical space, creating a seamless perfect integration between physical space and digital dimensions.

Thanks to Orchestra, an Internet Of Things Platform with a powerful analytics dashboard, Customers can now access to a free Wi-Fi connection and receive customized real time information, dealing with smart interactive digital signage touch points. This allows bank employees from the traditional operational functions to focus on consulting and guiding users through a pre-defined educational phase of the Customer journey.

This unique concept design conceived works seamlessly within the three different locations. Each DFC adapts to the unique characteristics of the place, that in turn ensures a high degree of brand visibility for uBank, the new ADCB brand.

Two more locations are expected to launch this year in exclusive and locations in the United Arab Emirated: Al Wadha Mall in Abu Dhabi, and City Walk in Dubai.