The client

Janssen is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1958, in Belgium, by Paul Janssen. Since 1961, it has been part of the Johnson & Johnson Group. Today it operates in 150 countries in 5 continents. 

The challenge

- To confirm itself a pioneer company, innovative at all levels.
- Involve doctors in conferences with an interactive and personalized experience,
profile them and generate new leads.

The pilot event

Congress “TREAT TO TARGET: IBD and beyond” 10-11 November 2016 - Lido di Camaiore (LU) ITALY (IBD: Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

The target 

Healthcare professionals specialized in auto-immune diseases

Pepper’s role

Pepper is located at the entrance of the stand and, as he detects the presence of anyone who gets closer, the engagement starts. Fullsix has developed three customer journeys, corresponding to different combinations of dialogues and gestures, which are activated by guest‘s interactions and responses. 

- MEETER GREETER - Pepper welcomes guests, asks about their knowledge on the company and its expertise (immunology, therapeutic areas ...) and invites them to discover more.
- ENGAGEMENT - Each participant is asked to answer a short survey on the topic of the conference and to register to the JanssenPro portal.
- ENTERTAINMENT - Doctors also love to smile: Pepper gives a moment of fun, proposing to take a selfie with him to remember the day.

Key Numbers 

- Participants: 180 gastroenterologists specialized in IBD 
- Total Interactions with Pepper: 65
- Entertainment: 34 selfies
- Engagement: 37 survey issued

Other applications

Pepper will be present in all Janssen events scheduled for 2017. Its functions will be customized, based on the specific features of each event.